Welcome to the website of the Management Responsable des Entreprises (MRE)/Responsible Business Management Major at Sciences Po Lille.

Course objective

The Management Responsable des Entreprises (MRE)/Responsible Business Management Major shapes the managers of tomorrow by drawing from the fundamentals of management sciences (accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, communication, etc.) and social sciences (History, sociology, political science, economics, and law). It’s a multidisciplinary program taught by both academic researchers and practitioners.

This major aims to encourage students to prioritize human and environmental balances by teaching traditional management models alongside the exploration of new business models that integrate the concept that companies are an integral part of the biosphere and society.

Based on the pursuit of balance between technical competencies (hard skills) and behavioral qualities (soft skills), the MRE major aims to train leaders for economic, ecological, and social transition, mastering both the « Why? » and « How? » of this transition.

Throughout the two years of the program, each student can mature their professional project. Within the « Providing Meaning » unit, modules allow students to contemplate the conditions for responsible, ethical, and transformative management. In the fourth year, they complete a dissertation or an expert report while pursuing their fifth year in alternating roles within diverse types of organizations (large and small businesses, consulting firms, associations, think tanks, NGOs, administration, etc.).

Main career opportunities

Our students can pursue extremely diverse careers, including multinational corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, individual entrepreneurship, finance and banking professions, consulting firms, social and solidarity economy sector, high administration, and the research world:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development departments of companies;
  • Business Ethics and corporate compliance departments;
  • Strategic or operational directions within companies;
  • Consultants within traditional or specialized firms in CSR and sustainable development;
  • Green finance professions;
  • Financial and extra-financial rating agencies;
  • Public relations and lobbying professions;
  • Responsibility-oriented marketing, communication, or press relations professions;
  • Think tanks and NGO professions;
  • Corporate foundations;
  • Patronage professions;
  • Social and solidarity economy professions;
  • Social and environmental entrepreneurship;
  • CSR and sustainable development trainers;
  • Responsible Digital professions;
  • Public management professions;
  • Journalists specializing in CSR and environmental issues;
  • Political collaborators, etc.

Heads of the MRE major

Philippe Liger-Belair

Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Director of Continuing Education at Sciences Po Lille

Graduate of HEC Paris and doctorate (PHD) from ENS Lyon

Research areas: social justice, history of ideas (utilitarianism, libertarianism, philosophical communitarianism), sociology of taxation, organisational theory

Matthieu Caron

Senior lecturer in public law

General Director of the Observatoire de l’éthique publique (Observatory of Public Ethics)

Former student of ENS Cachan, associate professor of economics and management, graduate of HEC Paris (in Sustainable Transition Management) and ESSEC (in CSR and sustainable development)

Research areas: Government law, public ethics, business ethics, legal analysis of the economy

Editorial by the heads of the major

Welcome to the Management Responsable des Entreprises (MRE)/Responsible Business Management Major’s website where we hope you’ll find all the information you seek.

The opening of this new program in 2021 responds to both a need and the ambition we hold at Sciences Po Lille to continue offering an original management education to M1 and M2 students at the school.

These young graduates, equipped with a solid education in social sciences and political science, will also surprise their employers with their good command of traditional management tools, from accounting to marketing, from corporate finance to human resources, with a 360-degree view of the ecosystem and the ongoing changes within French and international organizations.

The experience gained by Sciences Po Lille over many years through what was once known as the « Eco-Fi » section then « Commerce and International Finance » gives us full confidence in the capacity of the MRE Major to train top-level managers, as technically agile as they are intellectually sharp. The stakeholders of the organizations we work with constantly highlight this.

However, with MRE, we aimed to go further by advocating for a positive, optimistic, and ethical vision of enterprises. Assisted by highly experienced organizational leaders, inspiring entrepreneurs, and dynamic teachers, we wanted to introduce this innovative « R » into the program: the « Responsible » foundation of any enterprise with a genuinely positive impact.

Philippe Liger-Belair and Matthieu Caron